Waterproofing Compound is an acrylic co-polymer also known as Waterproofing Chemical used for coating on varieties of surfaces. It is a liquid Waterproofing Additive incorporated in mortar preparations to deliver high waterproofing properties.

CRT Proof is a acrylic co-polymer waterproofing chemical specially formulated for waterproofing concrete both at the surface and to a depth of up to 15 mm The active ingredients of CRT Proof forms monolithic structures within the concrete which are long-lasting and durable and will improve surface wear characteristics.

3C Proof is a waterproof additive for use in sand and cement render mixes in plaster renewal following rising damp treatment. This milky white turbid liquid is mixed 1 part CRT Proof/ Waterproof Additive with 1 parts water and used in a 4:1 sand /cement backing coat mix. It can also be used as a independent waterproofing compound for water-proofing any receiving surface by diluting with same quantity of water.
To use 3C Proof Water-proofing render additive you should wear personal protective equipment.

CRT Proof Uses :

  • Waterproofing compound in mortar preparations.
  • Waterproofing chemical in concrete
  • Waterproofing chemical for surface coating

3C Proof Advantages :
FXT Proof key features:

  • Waterproofing compound
  • Increases physical strength. i.e. Tensile, Compressive, Shear & fractural strength
  • Resistance against chemicals, Alkalies, Solvents
  • Ultra violet resistance
  • Imparts flexibility to mortar and concrete.
  • Provides non porous surface.
  • It is fast drying and has good adhesion to old and new concrete, bricks, wood, metals and many other receiving surfaces.