Concrete Admixture

concrete admixture

3C Plast is a superplasticizer liquid concrete admixture for mortar and renders which also acts as an accelerator. Superplasticizer greatly increases the workability of the concrete in many applications such as site mixed, pre-cast, pre-stressed, concrete block manufacture and domestic concreting.

It can be used to improve workability, without the addition of extra water, or to allow a reduction in the free content of the mixed concrete. Benefits include easier mixing and placing, reduced water demand, higher strengths, overall quality and better economy by allowing cement reduction.

Advantages of Concrete Admixture

  • # Concrete admixture Improves workability making concrete placement easier.
  • # Up to 12% water reduction = higher strengths, durability and impermeability.
  • # Significantly reduces segregation and bleeding in the concrete.
  • # Less breakage of corners and edges in pre-cast articles.
  • # Cement savings due to economies of mix design Improves spread.
  • # Reduces cracking and crazing in finished mortar.
  • # Freeze thaw resistance.
  • # Easy handling.
  • # Reduced waste packaging.
  • # Reduced storage and handling.
  • # Less waste from spillage and overdosing.

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